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What Bodybuilding Supplements
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Many people involved in bodybuilding and weight lifting often ask themselves what supplements are right for them. The answer depends on the individual's body, training needs, and metabolism. It is important to choose your bodybuilding supplements with care.

In addition to using supplements you still have to train hard, eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Supplements are meant to assist with fitness and health, not take the place of healthy habits. If bodybuilding and gaining muscle weight is a top priority, look for something with a high number of carbohydrates. This keep the body full of energy and level blood sugar levels. There are many bars and drink mixes that are high in carbs. Bodybuilders also need protein. Protein is the building blocks for muscles. Bodybuilders need one to two gramps of protein for each pound of body weight. Whey protein shakes and supplement bars can help.

There are several other supplements to help bodybuilders. Omega-3 helps reduce insulin resistance. Alpha-lipoic is stabilizes blood sugar levels. It also converts sugar to energy. This supplement keep muscles from being damaged and torn during lifting. Coq10 helps the cells in the body make energy. This maintains healthy heart tissue and increases healing time. Folic Acid supplements help the body make new cells. Chromium Picolinate helps reduce cravings for sugar and will help with weight control. Conjugated linoleic Acid cannot be made by the human body. This supplement help stop and control weight again while increasing muscle mass.

One of the more popular supplements is Creatine. This supplement increases the energy source for muscles. Glutamine helps the body repair and restore itself after a hard workout. It helps reduce recovery time. Arginine aids in the growth of the muscles and the body's ability to deliver nutrients to them.

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