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How To Use Nutrition Diets And Bodybuilding To Gain Weight

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Learn about bodybuilding to gain weight.

To increase your weight using diet and bodybuilding workouts you should first get more calories in your diet. Keep a food journal of your intake to keep your eating habits regulated. Exercise regularly and eat foods that are health but are still high in calories. Consult your physician to make sure you are taking in the healthy amount of calories in your diet. The goal of bodybuilders want to have is gains in lean muscle muass this is accomplished by eating healthy and nutritiously.

Hearing healthy diet makes you think of foods that are not good. The healthy foods that you can eat are cheese and bean burritos, chili and butter potatoes, peanut butter bagels, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These foods listed above should be considered as snacks so you are still eating and getting your fruits, vegetables, proteins, milk and grains, which are the recipe of a well-balanced meal.

The foods that bodybuilders should eat are high in protein which is great for the muscles and carbohydrates for energy gain because you use up carbohydrates while working out. The calorie intake should be at least 500 to 1,000 more calories then you burn in a day. This is be spread out over the 5 to 6 meals that you eat in a day. A smaple diet might consistof eggs and cereal in the morning, grilled chicken and fish, fresh vegetables, and bread for lunch and dinner. For your snack intake it could be protein bars, bananas, granola bars, yogurt and the soft pretzels. Other good proteins are also found in tuna, egg whites, steaks, protein powder, skim milk and ground beef.

You should drink lots of liquids that have calories, like cranberry and grape juices. The cranberry and grape juices can be purchased in packs that have 680 calories in a quart. Apple juice has 800 calories in a quart. Milk has 700 calories a quart. You can drink smoothies, milkshakes made with low-fat milk and the protein drinks. Even though water is at the bottom of the list for most it is needed the more than the other liquids. Water is needed because muscles are made of 75 percent of water. If you want bigger muscles you should drink 2 times more water than the recommended 8 glasses. If you do not consume enough water your muscles be smaller and weaker.

Full body workouts should be a part of your exercise routine. Full-body workouts should be done 3 times a week for not less than 40 minutes and do not exceed more than 60 minutes. The full-body workouts include that you work each and every one of the muscles in your body including legs, back, chest, shoulders and arms.

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