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Bodybuilding Fat Burning Recipes

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Recipes to Torch Unwanted Fat

There are several methods and products available to eliminate fat and tone down your size, but nothing beats natural recipes. The below listed recipes burn fat very efficiently, helping you achieve the flat stomach we’re all searching for. They’re easy to prepare, inexpensive and importantly are also a great source of vitamins.

Here are your healthy recipes:

Healing Water Drink


·         2 Liters of purified water (do not use mineral water, the composition may sometimes cause unpleasant effects with prolonged use)

·         1 tsp Grated ginger

·         1 Peeled and chopped cucumber slice

·         1 Thinly sliced lemon

·         10 Fresh mint leaves

·         Linseed oil - it also makes for an excellent ingredient in fat burning soups and cocktails.

Directions of Use:

Mix all the ingredients in a jar and put them in your refrigerator for one night, and then consume the next morning.

Celery Soup

This soup, in some cases allows you to lose up to 10 kilograms in 2 weeks!


·         1 Cabbage head

·         2 Sweet peppers

·         Celery

·         4 Tomatoes

·         100g Herbs as per your taste requirements

·         500ml Tomato juice

Directions of Use:

All vegetables need to be finely cut and poured into the juice. Once that is done, bring the whole solution to a boil on a stove and turn it off immediately. This soup can be perfectly stored in a refrigerator, and can be eaten as much as you wish to. It’s best to have it cold, as it saves your body from using extra calories to burn it.

Fat Burning Cocktails and Smoothies

The below listed cocktails can be consumed instead of a snack – they’re perfectly toned, saturated, replenished with vitamins and contain no calories. Some of the ancillary products that you might need while making them are:

·         Spices

·         Nuts

·         Flax Seeds

·         Herbs

·         Ice

·         Water

·         Yogurt

·         Milk

·         Ginger

You can supplement these with carrots, cucumbers, peppers, spinach and lettuce for the perfect mix.

The best part is that all smoothies have a similar preparation process and time. You only need to cut and grind in a blender until you achieve the desired consistency.

Here are some more fitness recipes:

Lemon Mint Cocktail


·         1 Kiwi fruit

·         1 Slice of lemon

·         7 Sprigs of mint

·         100ml of water

Honey is an optional ingredient here that can be added for taste.

Grapefruit & Pineapple Cocktail


·         4 Slices of pineapple

·         A quarter of a grapefruit

·         250ml of yogurt

·         50g Pumpkin seeds

·         40ml of coconut oil

Do not forget to clear the grapefruit from its seeds.

Kefir Drink with Spices


·         250ml of yogurt

·         1 Pinch red pepper

·         0.5tsp Cinnamon and ginger

Be sure to mix well in a blender and drink immediately. This particular cocktail is effective when consumed before going to bed.

Sweet Cocktail


·         250ml of water

·         1tsp Honey

·         Some apple cider vinegar

·         Cinnamon stick

When consumed in the morning, this drink provides a great start to the day - filling you with some much needed enthusiasm.

Celery & Apple Smoothie


·         200g Green stalks and celery

·         2 Apples

·         Some lime juice

·         100ml of water

·         0.5 cup of ice

All ingredients need to be cut, minced in a blender and finally supplemented with ice.

About the Author

Staying or starting to be more healthy isn’t hard and as you’ve just read, it doesn’t take up much time and isn’t expensive.  Planning your diet is just as important as planning your workouts and is something that Kevin Hodges from Crazy Gain is keen to promote and share with people of the world.

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